Styling Studio

We only offer low-stress one-on-one styling experiences, focused on quality, attention, and care. No kennels. No cages. No loud, obnoxious, and anxiety ridden environment. No mass grooming, no high-pressure washes. This is not your run of the mill generic grooming. We believe every pet deserves the best care in a calm, safe, and professional environment, and we exist to bring that experience to life.


Just looking to get an all-natural wash for your beach-loving furry friend, but don’t need a full styling session? Our Primal Styling Experience is for you!


Our most popular service, the Pawsome Styling Experience will have your pet looking and feeling their absolute best! Any fur trimming and styling desired is included, and finished with all-natural coat finishers and spritzers.


Our Premier Styling Experience features organic products and extra pampering for the ultimate luxury spa experience. Pamper your dog up with an all-natural under eye and nose treatment, organic facial, and all-natural teeth brushing and breath freshener.

Package Service Breakdown

Primal Pawsome Premier
Face and Body All Natural Wash
Face and Body All Natural Conditioner
Brush Out
Ear Cleaning
Hand Blow Dry
Body Trim (includes overall body touch-up trims,
sanitary trim, and paw/pad trim)
Face Trim (includes face touch-up trim and ear trim) +$10
Epsom Salt Paw Soak and Rub
Pads Shave and Trim
Paws Trim
Nail Trim
Anal Glad Expression
Face and Body Coat Cut and Style
Coat Finishers and Spritzers
Ear Trimming
Under Eye and Nose Treatment
Luxurious and Relaxing Facial
All-Natural Teeth Brushing and Freshener

A' la Carte Services

Face Touch Up

Face Touch Up

Overgrown face fur can obscure your dog’s vision and make it harder to keep your dog’s face clean after meals. Our Face touch-up is the perfect solution for maintaining that cute face in-between styling sessions.

Sanitary Trim

Sanitary Trim

Stop dingleberries before they happen and keep your dog’s sanitary area clean with our Sanitary trim. This service includes a sanitary area-only wash and trim, as well as anal gland expression.

Paw & Pad Trim

Paw & Pad Trim

Is your dog slipping and sliding over their own paw fur? Does your dog look like they’re about to steal Christmas? We got you covered with our Paw & Pad trim. We’ll trim up the hair in and around the paw pad for tidy looking paws that are easier to keep clean. Two paws up!

Brush Out

Brush Out

Mats, knots, and tangles, oh my! Our Stylists can provide an effective, calm, and thorough head to tail brush-out to help maintain longer coats in between Primal, Pawsome, or Premier sessions (i.e. full service appointments). Hair clipping is not included in this service, therefore mats that cannot be loosened with brushing will need to be removed during a full service appointment. Current clients who have been seen for a full service within the last 4 - 6 weeks are eligible for this service.

Nail Touch-Up

Nail Touch Up

This service includes clipping, filing, and sanding of the nails to get them short and smooth for less scratching and clicking on floors. Please note, the amount of length we can take off the nails depends on the length of the dog’s quick (a bundle of nerves and blood vessels). Regular nail care is recommended to be done every 2 - 3 weeks for maintenance and can help to recede quicks to get your dog’s nails shorter.



An oasis for dry, rough paws! Our Pawdicure service includes an epsom salt soak and rub, our paw and pad trim, and our nail touch-up services all-in one to put the spring back in your dog’s step.

Teeth Brushing

Teeth Brushing

Oral health is dog health; regular dental care can reduce bacteria that can lead to bad breath and periodontal disease. We’ll brush your dog’s teeth with an all-natural oral care gel and toothbrush to kill bad breath causing bacteria on contact and help to break down plaque and tartar buildup. Then, top off that great smile with an all-natural and delicious breath refresher. Fresh kisses for all!

Styling Consultation

Styling Consultation

Every new relationship should have a solid start. Want to meet the Stylist before your pup does? Not sure what your dog needs? We offer a 15 minute complimentary consultation by phone, video call, or in-person, to help establish any new relationship with one of our stylists, to discuss any questions or concerns before the big day.

Brands We Use

Yaya Organics logo

Yaya Organics

Certified organic, 100% plant based, and highly effective flea and tick removal products made in the USA.
The Coat Handler logo

The Coat Handler

Gentle and effective shampoo and conditioners made in small batches in the USA, using all-natural and biodegradable ingredients.
PetzLife logo


All natural and complete oral care for pets, based in the USA.
Pet Post logo

Pet Post

Plant based pet care products formulated to be effective without the use of harmful chemicals
Nature’s Specialties logo

Nature’s Specialties

Sulfate-free and biodegradable salon quality products.
Kibble Pet logo

Kibble Pet

USA made hypoallergenic styling products that are made cruelty-free from consciously sourced ingredients
Gerrard Larriett logo

Gerrard Larriett

Aromatherapy products made in the USA using all natural, locally sourced, human-grade essential oils and ingredients.
Bio Groom logo


Quality pet care products formulated to bring out the best in your pet.
Best Shot logo

Best Shot

Organic, human-grade ingredients used to make the best pet care products for your best friend.
Bark2Basics logo


Gentle and effective shampoo and conditioners made in small batches in the USA, using all-natural and biodegradable ingredients.
4Legger logo


USDA certified food-grade organic pet care products that are cruelty free and sustainably made in the USA.