Community Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions

Providing exceptional and curated experiences is what we love to do! Please visit our Community Guidelines for our guest and purchase policies. Still have questions after review? Not to worry, here are some of our most frequently asked questions.



You can send us a booking request through our online portal, by requesting a booking through our contact form, or by calling us at 425.298.3159. Due to the nature of our business and to be respectful and fair to our community, we do not take booking requests over the phone or in-person.

The booking system allows our clients to select their preferences, but it only allows booking requests and not direct confirmations. All confirmations must come from the salon. The nature of our business is varied, with our Stylists and Pawsociates having to balance the number of pups, breed/coat, desired service, as well as client preferences. In short, we make each of these decisions for bookings by hand, for each client, to ensure the very best experience every time. As an independent shop, we find that this allows for a very personalized experience to each client. No automated system takes that much variability into account, while also providing a convenient client-friendly online experience, so requests can be made but not direct confirmations.

Yes we do! All full-service Styling Experiences are eligible for recurring appointments. A’ la carte services are available for recurring appointments during the weekdays.


All of our full-styling services are charged by the hour, with the minimum being 1 hr charged. Based on your pet’s breed, age, weight, desired style, and any other personal proclivities you desire, we will provide you with a tailored estimate via email during the onboarding process with our current rates and the initial time frame to expect. While we do our best to keep within the time frame indicated, there are several factors that can affect pricing, including but not limited to:

  • Fur condition, which may extend the service time if not properly kept between visits
  • Pet behaviour and demeanor during the Styling session
  • Additional requests by client beyond the service scheduled
  • Late pick-up or drop-off by client
Our pricing structure is based on the highly personalized and attentive model we love to provide; it is not similar to most grooming providers. Most grooming locations focus on a mass grooming model, where multiple dogs are rotated through different phases and different people of varying skill levels, and kenneled in between each, over the course of a full day. Instead, we offer the following for every family:
  1. A low-stress one-on-model where each pet gets the individual attention they deserve from start to finish with one, single, highly experienced Stylist. No kenneling, no high-pressure washing, no shuffling from station to station. A timely and calm experience awaits!
  2. All of Prim & Pawper Pet’s Stylists are compensated fairly and are not commission based, reducing conflicts of interest and ensuring that your family receives only the best of care. You will get expert advice on how to care for your pet’s fur and style, and won’t be upsold on unnecessary commission-driven add-ons.
  3. Styling supplies used at Prim & Pawper are all natural cleansers, conditioners, etc. to avoid irritation and for the health of the pet and the planet. All styling supplies and products are hand-selected for efficacy and high-quality natural ingredients. For our Premier Styling Experience, we offer an all-organic line.
In short, while many providers focus on mass grooming, we take the opposite approach for our clients. We firmly believe that the low-stress environment and natural products for your pet, alongside expert, caring and professional team members, will make for the best and most humane experience pawsible.


You may add on an a’ la carte service that isn’t already included in full-service sessions you are interested in for a fee, and you may request that we do not perform certain parts of a full-service styling. While we highly recommend getting the full-service for your pet, we do understand that at times, particularly post-surgery, our clients may want to adjust the full-service. Simply leave us a note in your booking request and we will get back to you with any additional information that might be pertinent.

Typically, we do our best to make sure appointments are scheduled with the same Stylist to help build rapport and a good relationship for all (humans and canines). However, please note, that on occasion a Stylist may call in sick, go on vacation, or adjust their schedule and another Stylist may take over that day or for that appointment. We work as a team, so anyone you interact with should be held to the same Prim & Pawper standard you expect.